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An interesting game. Loved the idea.


genial! lo voy a probar en nuestro canal de twitch "nerdomancers" uno de estos días. bien ahi los juegos argentinos!!


Interesting game I liked what you got here but would like more explanation on what happened.  But I will say please make more of this style of game maybe have more horror happen on the screen besides reading about it. But otherwise its a great game keep creating. 

We'll continue making games like this! (We're currently working on The Whistling House, link and more info in my profile). Thanks for making the video, already subscribed to your channel.



Aren't you planning on putting the game somewhere else? With fixed prices, it's easier for me to buy.


We love, so it's our go-to option for our free horror visual novels. If we make larger, more complex ones in the future and we decide on selling them, we'll have'em both here and on Steam. 

BTW, in case anyone want to help us with some coffee money, we have a ko-fi account set up (still figuring it out what to offer there... scoops? Original content? Wips?).

Cheers and thanks for the support!

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Thanks for the video! We'll be uploading the English translation later this week.


Okay, I'll wait for the English version!

English version in already up!